Shortage of butchers at slaughterhouses exacerbates UK farm crisis

Sophie has thousands of pigs, but she has nowhere to send them. He is trapped in an underdeveloped production line due to the massive shortage of butchers in the slaughterhouses.

“It was a struggle, I won’t lie, the cause of some anxious nights and days. There are a lot of pigs piling up on the farm and there is nowhere else to put them,” he explains of his farm. in the English county of Gloucestershire, and ensure that your product does not reach the table unless action is taken.

“The problem has been piling up for several months and we are now at a critical stage. We have to get the butchers into the processing plants so we can stop this backlog of pigs.”

Sophie would like emergency visas, which would give Europeans the skills to solve the problem. Brexit also affected the other half of Sophie’s business: poultry production.

His chickens lay fertilized eggs for farmers who raise broilers, but a supply chain blockage has forced him to dispose of hundreds of thousands of them.

“Here I employ 20 people, they work hard every day. They get up early and work hard so these birds are happy and produce lots of eggs, and they all collect them. And it ends up seeing these eggs being thrown away so frustrating for all of us.” The farmer regrets.

Pigs and poultry have been the sectors most affected by the shortage of migrant workers in the European Union (EU), where these animals are growing faster. It is also feared that later on, cattle and sheep farmers will also start to have problems as a result of the shortage of community butchers.

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The British government says it is aware of the problem and is working closely with the affected sectors to find a solution.

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