Shock about Kate Middleton in the United Kingdom

Shock about Kate Middleton in the United Kingdom

  • The people of the United Kingdom are turning to Kate Middleton

  • The Princess of Wales explained that she is suffering from cancer

  • Many citizens send their messages of support to the Princess of Wales

town United kingdom He is Drowning with Kate Middleton After announcing that he had cancer. Many citizens are sending messages of support and a huge wave of affection to the crown's most beloved royals.

It appeared there as well Critics To some media outlets about how they are dealing with the silence of Kensington Palace Daniel Postico reports From the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton reappeared to announce that she had been diagnosed with cancer

Kate Middleton is back On Friday, he posted a video on social media announcing his suffering cancer. After several weeks of continuous speculation about the situation she was in, the Princess of Wales decided to break her silence and reappear with a video to clarify all doubts.

Looking into the camera, Kate claimed that when she received the diagnosis that was it “big shock” Because the abdominal surgery he performed on January 16 was completely successful and he did not expect the disease to be cancerous.

The Princess of Wales confirmed, “My medical team recommended that I undergo treatment “Preventive chemotherapy” Now “I'm in the early stages of this treatment.”

“William and I did everything we could to make this happen Address this in particular For the good of our family,” admitted Kate, who needs time “to recover from major surgery to begin my treatment.”

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