MIR 2024 Place Allocation: Questions and Answers

he April 1, electronic elections begin for applicants for specialized health training (FSE) 2024. In the case of nursing, pharmacy and psychology, elections will start on the same day, while forFor medicine, it will be April 5. The awarding, in the case of MIR, will begin on April 8. For EIR, FIR and PIR, it will be April 4th. At Medical Writing we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions so that you do not have any doubts when choosing a job and during the award process.

What do I need to access MIR, EIR, FIR and PIR electronic venue elections?

To access the FSE election system, you will need to have electronic signature. To do this, you can use three different means: electronic certificate, Cl@ve or non-encrypted authentication and signing based on agreed upon keys.

How long can I apply for my place at FSE?

In the case of grades Nursing, Pharmacy and Psychology, you can apply for a place from 10:00am on 1 April For the year 2024.

In the case of medicine, the deadline will open at 10:00 a.m. on April 4, 2024..

How many MIR, EIR, FIR and PIR places can I order? Is there a maximum number?

There is no limit to choice. The Ministry of Health recommends and emphasizes the choice based on personal interests and preferences They should be selected in order of preference. In addition, they request that if there are places they do not wish to reach, they will be excluded from the election list. “If you wish to secure a place, it is recommended that you request a greater number of places than the number of places that will be given to you at the session to which you will be invited,” they point out.

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How do I know that I have carried out the selection process correctly?

Once the selection process is complete, you will receive an email containing A PDF document that includes a list of the places you processed And arrange your preferences.

Do I have to amend my application if I already have places awarded?

Once you start the assignment process, places you had on your list may be assigned sooner. This does not change the validity of your application. It is not necessary to delete places that have already been awarded. You will be given the first available position in your processed application. When you return to your order, you will see the stakes and offer values ​​updated based on the prizes previously offered.

Is prior approval required in any private centre? Which places have a regional quota?

The convocation order does not provide for prior approval for the election of a place in any special position. A territorial quota was created in the autonomous region of Galicia In the specialties of histopathology, vascular diseases and vascular surgery, nuclear medicine, oncology and otolaryngology.

What is simulation and how do I use it?

the Simulation platform It allows obtaining information about the probability of obtaining a particular position according to the priorities set by the applicants who are ahead of them in the ranking. This will trigger a class simulation before each of the daily class sessions.

Can I check the places awarded at the end of the assignment session?

If it is not your turn yet, but you want to know which places have already been awarded, on the Ministry of Health website, at Section “Consultation on awarded places”.You will be able to view the awarded places once each award session has ended.

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In nursing and medicine you will be able to View job vacancies since the end of the first cycle of the award Places, and will be updated after each session.

When I get a place, what should I do?

When you get your place, you will receive credentials in an email with the place awarded. In this way, in On the first working day after allocating the place, you must contact the teaching committee From the educational center or unit where you will undertake the specialized health training to arrange a mandatory prior medical examination.

On which day will I join my assigned MIR, EIR, PIR or FIR position?

finally, Establishment will take place on May 6 or 7, 2024.

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