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Venezuelan Mairim Busnego became the first woman to earn a Master of Science degree with a mention in Theoretical Physics from the University of Arturo Prat (UAP) in Iquique, Chile. In addition, the native of La Victoria, Aragua State is the second person to graduate from this program.

“I finished my master’s degree two (2) weeks ago; the program is new, it was already a graduate and I was the second, but so far I am the only woman enrolled, so it was something important for the university,” Busnego said in an interview with . See daily. He added that he is now studying the first year of his PhD at Andres Bello University in Santiago.

He is now in his first year of his PhD at Andres Bello University. filming.

She confirmed that when she started her graduate studies, she felt strange because it was the first time she had left her family. However, she was received in Iquique by a team of researchers who later became her friends. In addition, the quality of the teachers made her feel comfortable and satisfied with the decision made, she said during an online interview Zoom in.

He also noted that during his academic journey, from undergraduate to graduate studies, he had met very few women, but this was never a reason to stop. “I was not very impressed by this type of physics, because I also had a very good experience in my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. What I have always believed is that in the exact sciences, what speaks is your research and your achievements, more than the way you look at yourself or how you define yourself “, He said.

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women in science

When she started her postgraduate studies, she didn’t attach much importance to it, she admitted, but after graduation, the news quickly spread throughout Chile, reaching many acquaintances, filling her with emotions, remembering that few women dare to pursue related careers. With exact sciences, and even less with theoretical physics.

“I think it’s always important to have more female presence in every possible thing and more women now being excited to study science sounds great to me; we have more professors and researchers, so that we’re making the way more interesting for future generations of women who are going to get into this,” she said. Occupation “.

She considered that “not seeing other women in the area might be a little frustrating” for other women, but with the changes taking place “it may be easier for women to become interested in theoretical physics”.

He added that it’s crucial that science-related topics be more visible “or science journalism is more relevant, for people to discover that there are these kinds of opportunities and spaces in science; for women to see that there is a female presence and that more is needed in these fields.” .

Passionate about science

Miriam fondly remembers her first approaches to science: she was a girl and was in the third grade of basic education. Her parents had many scientific encyclopedias and she always chose the encyclopedia herself, which showed the greatness of the universe. “I have always been fascinated by the colors of the planets, the distance between them is so long and how from here, so small, we couldn’t see anything.”

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He also began to wonder how people knew that, how they calculated the distances and the whole process behind what this huge book showed. During high school, she had an aptitude for physics and mathematics and this convinced her that she should take advantage of that and “do something science-related”.

At first he chose to study astronomy, but then discovered that what he really liked “was a little deeper than just looking at how things are in the universe, so I decided to switch to physics and said to myself: ‘I’m here for sure. We’ll find out how it works.'” From the beginning, from the beginning “…”.

Mairim Busnego Barrientos defended, with the utmost discernment, her thesis “Conformal Reconstitution of Numerical Tensor Theories of Gravity,” states Arturo Prat University (UAP), in Iquique, Chile, in web page.

“It has become the first Master of Science with a mention of Physics in the history of UNAP, which marks an institutional mark, especially if one considers that physics is the basis of much of the scientific and technological developments achieved so far, and it is its professionals who promote research and development in the field of new technologies. scientific discoveries and innovative applications”, highlights the Chilean Study House.

She advocated for women to pursue science. UNAP Photo

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