A fierce fire in the College of Legal and Political Sciences at the University of California


Students from the Central University of Venezuela warned Wednesday night of a fire in that institution’s School of Political Studies.

On the Twitter account Viva la UCV, which is run by students, a video was posted that noticed that the smoke had become more intense.

In another video, it was revealed that the incident was focused on the graduate classes of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences.

Viva La UCV confirmed that the UCV Fire Department attended the emergency and tried to bring the fire under control, but flames spread toward the college halls.

The university community helped extract materials from nearby classrooms, as the School of Bioanalysis is nearby with many potentially flammable products.

Despite the cooperation between the students and the firefighters, they needed support, mentioned The UCV Center for Peace and Human Rights, attached to the University Administration.

Chavismo attended UCV

The group of students who went to the Study House to collaborate with the firefighters raised their voices against the Deputy Minister of University Education Domiciano Graterol who also went to the venue with his team to assess the damage, but before the connotations of the university community withdrew.

“We are tired of asking for help. See how they have the main course school in the country. You are the main responsible for this capsule »And the yell the students. Chavismo outside the university.

So far the causes of the fire are unknown. However, students have repeatedly denounced the gradual deterioration of the country’s first home of studies due to state neglect, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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