Seven years after the Brexit referendum, the British want to close positions with the European Union

Seven years after the Brexit referendum and three years since the UK left the European Union, Britons want to bring positions closer to Europe again. A new report from British Future shows how Britons’ attitudes towards the European Union are becoming more positive. Specifically, according to this study52% of the population would like the UK to have a closer relationship with the EU, while only 12% say it should have a more distant relationship. 27% support maintaining the status quo. In light of the close relationship, there is no indication of a return to the European Union, although other studies show that holding a new referendum would give victory to the option of remaining in the European Union.

The British Future website indicates that the debate surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union has become less toxic and more realistic. The assembler reports that it is yet to come Disastrous economic consequences What has Brexit caused to the UK? 61% of people now prefer close cooperation regarding trade As well as science and research with the European Union. 68% support closer cooperation in the field of crime and terrorism, 57% in customs agreements, and 57% in the field of international health.

The report notes that the UK’s positions have “changed significantly against” the march. Through focus groups, he identified “a feeling of general weariness on the Brexit issue” with a majority of people “ready to leave the divisions of previous years behind them”, according to reports. guardian.

Before the European Union than the United States.

One of the strange aspects included in this report is the priorities of the British when seeking cooperation and alliances outside their borders. Nearly half of those surveyed (48%) ranked the EU first, ahead of the United States (27%) and the Commonwealth itself (25%).. The British and Americans, who have maintained what they themselves call a “very special relationship,” but UK citizens favor the European Union after years of attacking it.

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Ongoing crisis

Brexit did not magically bring the economic prosperity and political stability promised by anti-European politicians. What’s more, exactly the opposite has happened. The United Kingdom is mired in an extremely severe economic crisis and unprecedented political instability in the government at the hands of thorium. The latest crisis faced by Rishi Sunak’s government was a new resignation, this coup by the Immigration Minister, because Rwanda’s plan to deport asylum seekers who enter the UK illegally, in violation of international law, was not difficult enough.

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