A teenager was arrested for cutting down the historic Robin Hood tree

Sad news overwhelmed all citizens of the United Kingdom: A 16-year-old boy cut down the historic ‘Robin Hood Tree’. Located in Northumberland National Park. The authorities arrested the person responsible and described the incident as an “act of sabotage.”

Sycamore Gap 9-29-23 (3).png

The so-called Sycamore Gap was reputed to be over 200 years old. Additionally, he was recognized for his appearance in Kevin Costner’s 1991 film as a bandit prince.

They explained from the official account of Northumberland Police: “A full investigation has been launched after a sycamore tree was cut down overnight in what we believe was an intentional act of vandalism“.

Sycamore Gap 9-29-23


Additionally, Superintendent Kevin Waring noted that the tree was “A world-famous landmark and today’s events have caused great shock, sadness and anger throughout the local community and beyond“.

While the park remained open, many visitors stayed away while police were being carried out. In addition, some of them brought flowers and objects, such as heart-shaped stones, with some dedications to the cut tree.

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