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“I gotta go, gotta go! You’re taking too long! I want to finish the game to watch the rest of the game … We are Americans, so we love the Super Bowl!”

Serena Williams He just solved his debut at this Australian Open in 56 minutes, with a 6-1 double against Laura Siegmund, and called on the interlocutor to cut short as he is in a hurry to return to his Australian dependencies to see the final score with his family from the biggest sporting events of the year in the US; Above all, he displayed the abilities of his friend Tom Brady, whom he had met five years earlier in a meeting in which the tennis player looked like he was fan more than Quarterback And not the heroine who looks at you in the historical ranks of the sporting totems of her country.

“He’s in my age group … so it’s sexy,” she said after wrapping up her debut in the blink of an eye at the tournament that saw her debut in 1998 – a year after her sister Venus, who is a year older than her – and where he already has 100 matches. . Siegemund took the first match, but the rest was a piece of cake for the great modern tennis champ, who at 39 had gone undefeated in a goal just one step away, but with each passing day he seemed far away. Will this be a chance to reach 24 of the greats of Margaret’s Australian stadium, after failing in two finals at Wimbledon and two more at the US Open after her recent victory? PioneerExactly in Australia, four editions ago?

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“This is on my mind, and I think it’s good to have this goal constantly in my head. I’m calm, I don’t feel pressure,” commented a few days ago, when a disease in her right shoulder triggered alarms; Nothing new, really, because her body is demanding more and more comfort and injuries have become constant since returning to the slopes after becoming a new mother in September 2017. Serena herself admitted upon arriving in Australia that if the tournament were to take place. Earlier, he wouldn’t have been able to play it, as he was still limping from the injury to his Achilles heel that made him give up in October at Roland Garros.

“He wasn’t able to train, so it was a blessing that he was delaying those three weeks. At my age I can’t impose anything. Now I hope the shoulder doesn’t affect me for the next two weeks,” he admits because the 43-year-old Brady is about to win with a team Buccaneers and achieving his seventh NFL title. She describes it: “He’s a hero, an inspiration.” Goat to goat (Great for all time). Who is the best athlete in the history of the United States? Networks Burn: Jordans, Biles, Phelps, Vaughn, Woods, Ladyeke, Lewis, Ali. Maybe Serena or Brady. Meanwhile, she, who is escorted by her closest entourage in Melbourne – one of the conditions it has imposed on the organization to participate, in addition to staying in the comfortable Adelaide bubble – continues to contemplate the court and the frustrated obsession to achieve 24.

A badge with the slogan hangs from his neck QueenBecause everything that is said declares and repeats itself as the Queen. Find a mirror in Brady, and he also wanted to wink with his outfit Florence Griffith Joyner, a runner who won three gold and one silver in Seoul 88 and who smashed the 100 and 200 meters mark, is inflated with anabolism. “Flo Go It also inspired me. ”“ She was an amazing, amazing athlete. I saw her style, which was always changing, and as we were thinking about what to do for this year, the Nike team – the company that had nurtured her since the beginning of her career – thought about this design. And I thought, “Oh my God, he’s so cool …”

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Open de Australia: Results (Monday 8) s Game Order (Tuesday 9).

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