Netflix will stop offering its ad-free subscription plan

The streaming platform has announced that it is eliminating this option from its subscription offering, starting with Canada and the UK, and then expanding it to other countries.

Netflix It will remove the ad-free Standard plan from its subscription offering, a measure it has already begun implementing in some countries for new subscribers and will expand to the rest of the users, starting with Canada and the UK.

The Standard plan with ads (€5.49 per month) now represents 40% of all registrations in marketplaces with advertisers, supporting the company's decision to discontinue the Standard plan without ads (€12.99 per month).

This measure began in mid-2023 in countries such as the US, UK and Canada, leaving it out of the option for new subscribers, who can now choose between Standard with ads and Premium (€17.99 per month).

According to a January 23 investor letter, the next phase includes phasing out the Standard plan in some countries with advertisers, starting with Canada and the UK in the second quarter of this year.

The company seeks to offer diverse prices and plans to meet various needs, including competitive prices, as users may request them “Pay a little more”.

Netflix It highlights the success of the ban on account sharing, and functions such as transferring profiles or additional members, which according to the company, have been in high demand, cementing pay-for-sharing as a core element of its business model.

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