Self-care is the key to health care

On the occasion of the Quiero Saber Salud’s fifth anniversary celebration, the initiative shared lessons learned from the pandemic for self-care in order to continue promoting health among Mexicans.

Dr. Rafael Álvarez Cordero, Director of the Initiative, highlighted in his presentation that despite the public health crisis of the arrival of Covid-19, humanity has been able to resume a series of lessons to prevent future outbreaks of viral diseases.

“The most important education that will help us prevent future diseases and even new waves of Covid-19 is self-care as an essential component of healthcare. We are responsible for our health, diet, exercise and emotional balance that we have,” Dr. Alvarez commented.

Being exercised, which is one of the necessary aspects and that during the trans-pandemic was greatly reduced due, among other reasons, to the recommendation of confinement. On estimated estimates, it is believed that in the most severe phases of the pandemic, physical activation decreased by up to 80%, which in itself is always low epidemiological levels, if one takes into account that only 24-26% of pre-pandemic cases were Activate the population more or less regularly.

This decrease in physical activity had serious consequences for the deteriorating health of the Mexicans, because the lack of movement exacerbated pre-existing diseases and deteriorated the physical condition of the people who followed the strict confinement.

In this sense, nutritionist Monica Hurtado, co-founder of the initiative, presented the results of the survey that was applied during Walk for Health “Let’s Get Well From PostCOVID” On World Diabetes Day, where it was found that 51% of the people surveyed do less than 3 days of physical activity or do not do so and only 23.4% do 5 or more days a week.

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On the other hand, 53.2% of people consumed a meal before engaging in physical activity; While 21% do not, which indicates a lack of knowledge about what type of food can be most beneficial before physical activity. People know that physical activity is essential to treat diabetes; However, 50% do not get enough activity to maintain health despite knowing its importance and do not monitor their glucose levels regularly.

In a questionnaire applied to students Emiliano Zapata Technological University (UTEZ) Morelos On “Habits and Energy Balance” it was found that the respondents consider the relationship between physical activity and nutrition to be very important. However, only 6% believe they have a sufficient balance of energy and 94% do not sometimes consider or think so.

75% of students do not get enough physical activity for good health, although it is considered very important for them. In addition, only 23.5% think about having a healthy weight, the rest don’t know or don’t think about it.

Looking at the results presented, both Dr. Rafael Alvarez and Nutritionist Monica Hurtado agreed on the importance of highlighting energy balance, that is, eating the same amount of energy as we expend. That is why the specialists called for maintaining appropriate levels of physical activity and establishing a culture of exercise as a preventive measure, in the face of future epidemics or perhaps in the face of possible new waves of Covid-19.

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