An expert analyzes the non-verbal language of Prince Harry

    If you’ve watched the first three episodes of Documentary “Henry and Megan” (“Enrique” thing, how is he? Would you call him that or “Harry”?), hallucinate. In it, the couple tells how they met and develops the toxic context in which their relationship began. Today, Netflix released the second volume of the documentary, and the “hype” has increased due to In this new installment, Harry talks about the decision they made to distance themselves from the family And this is something that – apart from the fact that it never happened – will stir consciences, to say the least.

    Non-verbal language expert Judi James analyzed Harry’s gestures and postures (which appear in the trailer) When speaking on this issue, l mid sunand came to several interesting conclusions (if you understand non-verbal words, you would know what we are talking about): “Her elbows on the arms of her chair and her hands clasped in front of her chin create a kind of bridge, and her fingers move slightly. This is the organic posture of a high-ranking person assessing the situation, Moreover, in a reliable way,” he says.


    However, he then shows insecurity. On the one hand, we put his index finger on his cheek, but his other fingers rest above his mouth as he speaks. Covering his mouth to hide it while speaking often indicates that he is unsure of his own words or that he is saying something that makes him feel insecure. satisfaction or insecurity.”

    ‘Psss’: If you love all things body language, give this analysis a try Emotional performances from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

    And then, when Harry appears smiling on his trip out of the UK, “that’s pretty self-explanatory,” he suggests, but the interesting part comes when he says “it’s worth fighting for…”. He unconsciously shrugged his shoulders and seemed to be preparing for a real battle.”

    Fabulous. We are now running to get to the “play” in the rest of the “Enrique y Meghan” chapters.

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