Season 1 of MayorMente is now available online

Advances in science and the introduction of new technologies have greatly changed our daily lives and the way we interact. However, access to these innovations can be a challenge for older adults. In this context MayorMente was born, a dynamic and close family program that seeks to bring all generations closer to the world of science.

Which he conducted Macarena Rojas (37), biologist and science communicator from the University of California, and Nicholas Lokko (81), science journalist, columnist and 2022 senior leader, MayorMente seeks to create an intergenerational space, where issues related to science, technology, knowledge and innovation are addressed through conversation and dissemination.

MayorMente is hosted by Macarena Rojas (37), a biologist and science communicator from UCLA, and Nicholas Loco (81), a science journalist, columnist and Grand Leader of the Year 2022. Photo: Media UC.

The program he is promoting Knowledge Dissemination Unit in the Office of the Vice President for Research, Produced by a team UC averageis designed to address the concerns and concerns of the senior community, who often feel excluded from these issues.

“Science communication initiatives are generally focused on a younger, school-based audience, and there has been a debt with older people. There aren't many programs hosted by this age group on television either.”. “That's why we thought about talking to them, but from another place, we're trying to put aside the prejudices we have about topics that people over 60 are supposed to be interested in,” explains project manager Elette Angel.

“That's why we thought about talking to them, but from another place, we're trying to put aside our prejudices about topics that people over 60 are supposed to care about” – Elette Angel, project manager.

To explore new perspectives and discover topics that truly resonate with older audiences, Over 250 surveys and focus groups were conducted, asking this group directly about topics of interest to them. This process was possible thanks to the support provided by Center for Aging and Aging, CEVE UC.

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As a result, six thematic chapters emerged. In each one, Macarena and Nicholas question current topics, such as artificial intelligence, astronomy, climate change, or new food trends.

The program consists of 6 chapters, which are available on the Media UC YouTube channel. Photo: Media UC.

To help solve these questions and create reports for the general public, prominent figures from the world of science have been involved, who try in a simple and concrete way to share their knowledge. This way, throughout the 30-minute episode, the hosts contribute their different insights, achieving a smooth and diverse conversation.

“The look is completely different. Someone I might have, or someone over 70 like Nicholas, or even someone under 30. They're completely different ways of solving problems and give you a more '360' look at any subject. The program addresses this very well, because it offers three insights: from sociology or anthropology, from the harder sciences, and from the citizen issue.Adds Macarena Rojas, host of MayorMente.

“The perspectives are completely different. The ones I might have, or someone over 70 like Nicholas, or even someone under 30. They're completely different ways of approaching problems and they give you a '360' view.” “More than anyone else.” other.theme” – Macarena Rojas, host of MayorMente.

Thus, MayorMente, a publishing project General Sciences Programthe follower Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and InnovationIt opens new spaces for comprehensive communication, where all family members, regardless of their age, feel integrated and drawn to the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

Where to watch MayorMente?

All six chapters are now available on the platform YouTube Media UC. It's the perfect time to think outside the box and immerse yourself in the exciting world of science, with the help of experts who combine youth and experience to provide you with a unique example. Do not miss it!

Chapter One: Artificial Intelligence

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During this chapter, Macarena and Nicholas will take us to explore the exciting world of artificial intelligence. Together with leading experts in the field, they will guide us through the latest developments and show us how artificial intelligence is impacting our daily lives. In addition, we immerse ourselves in ethical debates about the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on society. Get ready for a journey into the future with this unmissable episode about artificial intelligence!

See Chapter 1 here.

Chapter Two: Astronomy

Come and discover with Macarena and Nicholas the fascinating and mysterious world of astronomers. During this class, our drivers will explore the tools used in this science and the various scientific milestones that have marked history. During this chapter he was interviewed by Gaspar Galazacademic University of California Institute of Astrophysicsand Barbara Silva, an academic and specialist in the history of science, will bring us closer to this wonderful world. Do not miss it!

Check out Chapter 2 here.

Chapter 3: The Brain

Is there a specific age for learning? How does the brain of older people work? What are neural rights? Find the answer to all these questions in this A wonderful chapter of MayorMente, where we will discover, together with Macarena and Nicolas, the attractive world of neuroscience. Together with the support of leading specialists, they will bring us closer to the truth behind the brain, learning and the passage of time. Find out more in this chapter!

Check out Chapter 3 here.

Chapter Four: New food trends

In this new chapter we will learn about the world of food, new ways of eating and the sociology behind food. An episode that brings us closer to the way food is produced in a constantly changing world. Find out more about new food trends with notable guests like jose Miguel Aguilera, Academic and expert in food engineering.

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See Chapter 4 here.

Chapter Five: The digital world

We live in a digital world that is constantly changing, but what are the benefits and drawbacks of integrating technology into our lives? How have older people adapted to this new way of life and communication? Join us as we explore how the digital age is changing the experience of aging and living in a technology-driven society.

Check out Chapter 5 here.

Chapter Six: Climate change

Climate change is one of the most controversial topics of the past decade. What is it really and what can we do to combat it? Find out the answers with Macarena, Nicholas and notable interviewees such as pablo marque, Academic Department of Ecology at the University of California And Claudia Baboon, Academic and expert in the circular economy. All about this topic in this wonderful chapter. A journey through knowledge for all ages.

See Chapter Six here.

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