Harsh words for Alex Morgan, US legend, after the historic victory of the Mexican women's national team

the Mexican women's national team He made history by defeating his counterpart United State In W Gold Cup 2024, so Alex MorganThe historic Stars and Stripes football player gave some words to the national team.

Alex Morgan got minutes in the Mexican women's national team's 2-0 win over the United States in the World Cup group stage. Gold Cup 2024.

However, even the legend of women's football could not do anything to change the outcome of the match.

But what caused the biggest uproar were Alex Morgan's statements when she was asked about the Mexico women's national team and the level of the team. Mexican Women's League.

What did Alex Morgan say about the Mexican women's national team?

The United States couldn't find its way in the W Gold Cup match against Mexican women's national teamSo Alex Morgan He entered the match for the sequel.

But not even Alex Morgan, the historic footballer from… United State, She managed to get the Stars and Stripes to catch up with the Mexican Women's National Team on the scoreboard.

After the match, the women's football star was asked about her opinion of her opponent, stressing that the level of our country has been rising in recent years thanks to… Mexican Women's League.

“Mexico came to play and did very well. Not only in CONCACAF, the whole world has raised its level thanks to the leagues and Mexico is a product of that, of its league. “Concacaf is not what it was 14 years ago when we last lost to Mexico.”

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What is the next match for the Mexican women's national team in the 2024 Gold Cup?

the Mexican women's national team He finished in first place Group A of the 2024 W Gold CupSo, they will play in the quarter-finals of the competition.

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Although there are still a few matches remaining that will decide all the qualifiers, the Puerto Rican team is the opponent that the Mexican women's national team faces so far in the qualifiers. W Gold Cup 2024 quarter-finals.

The day on which the team will play has also not been determined. Pedro LopezBut the knockout stage duels will be played after that Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3.

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