SCJN Secretary Arturo Zaldívar is fast

TikTok is full of interesting and funny videos and personalities, and although there is also serious educational content around the network, we didn’t expect to find Minister Arturo Zaldivar of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in a quick position confessing his love for anything else and none other than Taylor Swift.

A few days before Father’s Day is celebrated in Mexico, Minister Arturo Saldívar hands his wife a cake in the form of a record player and vinyl. reputationthe sixth studio album by Taylor Swift.

“Thank you so much Mariana for this beautiful and delicious cake. With my favorite song and the great song Taylor Swift”

The proof that Minister Zaldivar is fast

Before announcing the Eras tour in Mexico, Zaldivar stated that he is a fan of Taylor Swift in some TikTok videos and posts.

In response to all the comments, whether in support of “Mexico’s most prominent Swifty” or those who think it’s mere propaganda, the minister published an opinion in Milenio defending his taste for Taylor Swift, but mainly, the work for the American singer and his impact on Mexican youth.

Those who criticize me Because I love Taylor Swift On Tuesday she commented on her Twitter account: “They are unaware of what it represents to millions of women and young people in the world.” In a speech representing an act of loveliness, Zaldivar asserted that the singer “is a cry of rebellion, an example of intellectual honesty and a miss of dreams of all colors and sounds. His lyrics remind us that it’s okay to be vulnerable and different and to be wrong and to love yourself completely for its originality, courage and conformity.”

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The minister also stated that those who criticize are ignoring what Taylor Swift’s story means for feminism, for young people, for the rights of people of sexual diversity and for building a more equal, compassionate and inclusive society.

Other fast political figures

Minister Arturo Zaldivar isn’t the only important figure in politics who acknowledges Taylor Swift’s work. Chilean President Gabriel Boric is another loyal follower of the singer.

The president even confirmed that he had sent a letter to the singer to ask her to include the country on her Latin American tour.

Economist Paul Krugman has also published a column in the New York times In which he acknowledges that the artist is “a very talented composer and musician with a wonderful stage presence.”

In a photo he posted on his Instagram during 2019Former British minister Elizabeth Truss uploaded a photo with the singer along with a caption that was revealed entertainment How he feels about her: “Look what you made me do, Taylor…”

As the singer mentioned in public speeches in Parliament and during International Women’s Day in 2020, Truss quoted a phrase from ‘the man’.

Later, he explained: “In the words of a genius Taylor Swift In their new song, the women aren’t content with running as fast as they can, and they wonder if they’d get there sooner if they were men. “

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