Science, engineering, dance and puppetry at Camp El Centro Hispano

rally. Summer has barely begun and many campsites across the state are already full, but you can still register and reserve your spot at the El Centro Hispano event in Raleigh.

“This year, the camp for children ages 6 to 13 will focus more on science, engineering, technology, arts and math,” said Lisbeth Tenjono-Hickey, director of education at the foundation.

Tenguno commented that the camp in 2023 is taking place with partners the Planetarium and the Durham Museum of Life and Science.

In conversation with Qué Pasa, he said it takes place Aug. 1-4 and Aug. 8-11, 9:30am-2:00pm Cost $50 per week, includes snack, t-shirt, and stuff. .

The representative of the organization explained that on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the children will take lessons and perform exercises, and on Fridays they will go on excursions.

He commented, “The children’s camp takes place in August because we have two youth camps in June and July.”

educational camp

The Spanish Center is working with the Durham Museum on two projects for the development of the children, as well as the trainings, activities and workshop they will undertake.

The teacher specified that the museum would present all the materials they would practice with the children, and at the end they would rate the materials they make or “how the children see it, if they like it.”

He explained that the projects are educational and fun, and when it comes to working on science or math, the children will reinforce what they have already worked on in school.

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With the planetarium, five lessons are scheduled to run with children that include arts, science, engineering, and math. “We recently had a rehearsal with them for classes and lessons.”

He said the planetarium would provide the materials.

different approach

The teacher explained that the focus of the camp this year is different, because they will perform cultural dances with the children.

In other words, he said, children wear costumes from different countries with the aim of involving them in their roots. He determined that most of the boys in the camp were Hispanic.

The camp will include an art, painting and drawing section, and a puppet section.

“Another area we’ve worked on is reading with the center, and this time it’s going to be more fun with puppets, including your own doll at reading time.”

The idea is that they can express themselves verbally, and do some theater.

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