Saved by a private jet: the day that could have completely changed Checo Pérez .’s career

what sergio czech perez He had a dream start to the current Formula 1 season, no doubt he finished first at the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix and is in an unbeatable position in the title hunt. In the drivers’ general table, he came in third and only six units from Charles Leclerc, who finished second.

until the Guadalajara He is very close to Max Verstappen, the current leader of the F1 drivers’ world rankings, but to get to this place he has had to work harder than ever. And in those vicissitudes of fate lies a memory czech perez Which has a story worthy of becoming the one that lasts forever in motorsports.

Checo was transported at the awards ceremony in Monaco

It was 2020 and the protagonist in question had just suffered damages to his car that competed in the Bahrain Grand Prix that year. Even his teammate at the time, Lance Stroll, overturned his car and both arrived with extensive damage to their vehicles, which would have prevented them from participating in the Sakhir Grand Prix. If something had happened it would have changed history forever.

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