Forensic gods and the Institute of Forensic Sciences seem far away: Ocegueda – El Sol de Tijuana

Tijuana. – The construction of the forensic building and the establishment of the Institute of Forensic Sciences in Baja California can be seen until 2024, since there is no budget for this year, it also requires long administrative procedures and the installation of advanced equipment, said Fernando Osegueda, President of the United Association of Missing Persons in Baja California AA bad

It’s annoying that officials say they are already working on it which is not true, they are just doing the project to be able to cut back on resources and money

He added that constructing the Forensic Pantheon would be a tedious process and purchasing advanced equipment would not be an easy task.

He explained that the creation of this Pantheon is to prevent unidentified bodies from being sent to the common cemetery and then their relatives cannot find them as is currently the case.

“The Institute of Forensic Sciences in Baja California was a project that was not submitted in time, so it should continue until next year when work begins,” he said.

He commented that this institute will work on 22,000 bodies in the common grave, “to remove them, carry out cleaning procedures and begin processing the DNA of all those who have not been identified.”

They will also take the DNA of missing or unaccounted for their relatives and process the matches.

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He noted that in 2009, the FBI donated a sophisticated system to Baja California to identify dead bodies, a tool that the US government also uses because it is highly effective and reliable.

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However, the current state administration hardly certifies the system as required by the federal government in order to implement it, Fernando Osegueda said.

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