SAT Annual Announcement: Everything you need to know about redeeming your outstanding balance

Yesterday began a period to introduce Annual statement From the SAT to individuals corresponding to fiscal year 2020. Even a consumer defense attorney (Prodecon) announced that If the procedure is carried out during the first days of April, They will be fortunate to be among the first to receive the refund during the second week.

For this reason, below we provide everything you need to know about Return the balance in favor.

How do I get SAT credit redemption faster?

Individuals who provide Annual statement In the first week of April, They will get the refund in the second weekProdecon revealed.

Tax Administration Service (SAT) Will return the balances for the second week April to those who announce on the first.

To access the yield, if it matches you, you need:

  • Sure YOUR CLABE ACCOUNT PRE-LOADED IN THE SYSTEM, To be sure This is in your name and it stays active.
  • Goal Cucumber Back When submitting the annual declaration for the year 2020.
  • Does not have a Submit a return request via Electronic Return Format (EDF).

How long does SAT take to return your credit balance?

If you have wealth and the opportunity to make your account statement from today until April 7, there is a chance that your balance will be deposited in the following week in your favor, if you have it. however, The period of normal return to the same consists of 40 daysAs long as you have completed the required papers.

The normal payment period for the supporting balance is 40 days. Photo: quartoscorro

Cases where automatic refund is not applicable

  • If your credit balance is higher than 150,000 pesos.
  • If you get in 2020 Income from goods or businesses In joint ownership, marital partnership, or inheritance.
  • If it was during the fiscal year that your credit balance corresponds to You have been suspended In the Federal Register of Taxpayers.
  • If you find yourself like Does not exist At your SAT registered tax address.
  • If you are Return request It does not correspond to fiscal year 2020.
  • If you submit your return file with password When you are obligated to do so with an electronic signature.
  • If you have Revocation of stamp certificates or digital signatures Or are you in List of non-compliant taxpayers Posted on the SAT portal or request for a refund based on tax receipts issued by taxpayers on the list of non-compliants published on the SAT portal.
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What to do if you did not receive your return?

  • When the declared balance is not returned in whole or in part, you must resolve the discrepancies in Sat gate.
  • You need to RFC And password To get to the portal and e. Fermat So you have to Return request Via Electronic Return Format (EDF).

If they return only a portion of your balance in favor of …

Authorized balance Via automatic return Can partial When there is a difference in the information regarding retention, deductible expenses, or incentives.

To request a return of a file Positive balance Residue enters Sat gate With your RFC And password, Complete the electronic return form and send it with e. Fermat. If you have discrepancies, fix them.

Important: Statements with an authorized credit balance through automatic redemption will be subject to any of the following assumptions:

  • Ex officio compensation for tax exemptions for the company for which you have a liability.
  • Discrepancies in CLABE were detected by TESOFE.
  • Subsequent review by the authority.

How do you do an annual advertisement?

Declaration of natural persons, if there are no changes to deadlines by the SAT due to the health emergency, It must be submitted in April 2021, And you must state Income tax (ISR) From the financial year of the aforementioned persons according to their tax system.

  • In 2021, the 2020 Expense Report will be submitted

To provide Advertising You must do the following:

  • Enter the SAT Website: You need the 13-digit RFC and the password.
  • In the upper left, select the Announcements tab.
  • Choose the type of person you are: physical or emotional.
  • Then, a menu will be displayed in which you have to enter the RFC, password, and electronic signature (before the electronic signature) and submit the data.
  • Then, the data table type will be displayed, in which you have to put the data required by SAT.
  • After filling out the form, it must be submitted, after which you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the information, along with the transaction number and digital stamp.
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According to the SAT, normal people They will have them until April 30th To make your annual return.

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