Afide 2023 will be a festival of applied sciences to sports

Havana.- The tenth The International Convention on Physical Education and Sport (AFID 2023) will lower its curtains on 27 November with the aim of becoming a grand celebration.

Doctors of Science, academics, professors and students will gather at the Palace of Congresses in Havana to expand knowledge and become better professionals.

“With Afide, a scenario of professional exchange has been created that contributes to the search for solutions to achieve the best results in the pursuit of developing physical activity in all its forms,” said Dr. C. Mélix Ilisástegui, Director of Science, Technology and Environment of Afide, in an exchange with the press.

Professor at the University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences Manuel Fajardo (UCCFD) also pointed out that the edition was completely identified with the slogan: Science to Win.

“We are paraphrasing the slogan that has always accompanied Cuban sports: ready to win,” he admitted before detailing the moments planned for the program.

The event will bring together experts from 26 countries, some virtually, and for the first time will have a hybrid format (in-person and… Connected). In addition, more than 300 national delegates will participate to showcase the experiences developed in the country.

The conference program included 13 associated events, some traditional and others newly held, including those related to football, baseball and weightlifting.

As part of the latter, a gym will be opened at UCCFD that will bear the name of Marcelino del Frade, considered the father of the sport on the island, and will serve to host national competitions and lead the Cuban elite team.

The football meeting will address the issue of women’s empowerment and the work done by the Cuban Federation in this regard. Olette Rodriguez, President of this entity, stated that within the framework of the Afide initiative, the CONCACAF Executive Committee will meet in Havana.

There will also be a meeting between students of the country’s physical culture faculties, as part of ENDER’s scientific training policy, and the traditional exchange between doctors in sports-related sciences.

The conference will be opened by a conference convened by the President of Inder, Osvaldo Viento Monterre, with Ines Maria Chapman, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, confirming her attendance. The opening will include a message sent by Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

It was also approved for inclusion in the program of the International High Performance Conference, the Baseball and Softball Workshop, the Sports Medicine Conference, as well as the Ender Board of Directors session with its highest authorities in the province.

Life stories, challenges of physical education in the current context and discussions aimed at improvement will focus the attention of delegates, who will return to carry out their tasks strengthened thanks to the knowledge shared during the event.

As a novelty, it was announced that former volleyball player Yumilka Ruiz will use this moment to defend her doctoral thesis. She is expected to be accompanied by many of her companions and characters from the legendary Morenas del Caribe.

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