Santander AM is expecting its new CEO, Samantha Ricciardi, at BlackRock

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fund manager Santander Asset Management signed on behalf of Executive Director worldwide which until now has been responsible for strategic clients and investment solutions for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA, in English) in BlackRock, Samantha Ricciardi.

Ricciardi He will replace Mariano Belinki, who left the company at the end of October and recently joined Motive Partners venture Capital as an industrial partner. The new CEO will join her position at end of February, once the mandatory transition periods from one company to another are fulfilled.

Ricciardi has more than 20 years of experience in companies such as BlackRock (where I’ve spent the last 11 years), Schroders or Citi, From the UK to Mexico. The director announced this appointment internally and noted that it “provides a highly international standing in the business of distribution and asset management, both locally and globally, as well as in business development,” this newspaper asserted.

Private banking, insurance and funds

In addition, the entity considers that its experience will help the company to give a new impetus to its growth in this new stage.

Its establishment complements the new structure of private banking, insurance and investment funds that Bank of Cantabrian also sent internally two weeks ago. Inside it, rise Alfonso Castillo International Private Banking and Carlos Escudero Founding of Liberty Insurance.

Santander Wealth Management and Insurance, a division led by Victor Matarans, also enhanced all digital issues in A new digital unit led by Elena Gonzalez Blanco, Who joined the group from CoverWallet (Aon Corporation). Gabriella Oriel, until a month ago, the co-CEO of MyInvestor, joined in this activity, as Global Digital Manager.

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