Actress Plays Actress: Andy McDowell’s New Role After Things to Clean

It is one of the names of the year 2021. Revitalized thanks to the popular Netflix series things to clean (Maid), Andy McDowell broke into October as one of the season’s most highly praised characters on TV.

The 63-year-old actress rose to prominence in recognition of her portrayal of the protagonist’s unstable mother, a girl recovering from an abusive relationship embodied by the rising star’s own daughter. Four weddings and a funeralMargaret Qualley.

From this complex role, which seems to have given new life to a seemingly dormant career, MacDowell will leap to embody an often irresistible role through her coaching: an actress.

Actress in the Netflix mini-series. Photo: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2021

titled my happy endingAnd The movie allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a Hollywood star Found in a British hospital room with three other women who helped her in the hardest role she’s ever played…she herself.

As set by Deadline, the film is a co-production between Israel and the United Kingdom that serves as an adaptation of the novel Sof tov, authored by Anat Goff. Filming just finished in Wales On the orders of the Israeli duo Sharon Maimon and Tel Granit.

Watching her signature performances over the years, Andie MacDowell’s ability to combine deep emotion and vulnerability with comedy made her the perfect choice for the role. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with her and with such amazing cast,” said Talia Kleinheindler and Osnat Handelsmann-Keren, the film’s producers.

At the moment, it is not known what date it will be shown in theaters around the world, but it is already starting to emerge as one of the new bets for an actress who continues to impress.

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