Brazil considers Argentina's rights in the Falkland Islands “legitimate”

The Brazilian authorities call for the resumption of negotiations with the United Kingdom

Madrid, January 4 (European Press) –

Brazil's government indicated on Wednesday that Argentina's rights to the Malvinas Islands are “legitimate” and called for the resumption of bilateral negotiations with the United Kingdom, although the latter has always made clear that it is not willing to give up control of the Malvinas Islands. Archipelago.

“On this day, which marks the 191st anniversary of the British occupation of the Malvinas Islands, Brazil reaffirms its support for the legitimate rights of Argentina in the sovereignty dispute with the United Kingdom (…) Like Argentina, Brazil supports the establishment of the Malvinas Islands,” a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Brazilian: “A climate of confidence contributes to the resumption of bilateral negotiations.”

In this sense, they relied on United Nations resolutions that treat the decades-old issue as one of decolonization. The ministerial portfolio added, “The Brazilian position is also part of the vision of South America as a region of peace and cooperation.”

Likewise, Brasilia highlighted that it recently reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the rights of Argentines during the official visit of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to Argentina in early 2023.

This statement comes hours after Buenos Aires insisted, on the anniversary of the arrival of the British, on January 3, 1833, that it was the “heir” to Spanish colonial territories and that the United Kingdom had committed an act “contrary to international law.” She never agreed.”

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Buenos Aires referred to the positions of the United Nations General Assembly to indicate that this “sovereignty dispute” must be resolved by the two parties through bilateral negotiations, to which the Argentine authorities “once again” expressed their readiness. Argentina is “convinced that the only possible way to restore the exercise of its rights is through diplomatic means,” so it hopes that a “peaceful solution” will be reached “as soon as possible.”

Argentine President Javier Miley went so far as to praise the leadership ability of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, under whose leadership the last conflict took place – in 1982 – despite his insistence that he would not change the country's position on the issue. Malvinas will continue to claim sovereignty over the territory.

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