Samsung publishes Free Streaming Service in Mexico

The Korean signature Samsung, which introduced its device in Mexico flow Known as’Samsung TV Plus’. From now on, everyone who owns the Smart TV Of the brand -2018 and later models-, they will be able to enjoy this platform without making any additional payments or requesting a subscription.

At a time when a large group of the population is spending most of the day at home, due to the epidemic, the Audiovisual media consumption It has increased significantly. for this reason, Samsung service Couldn’t come at a better time.

With people spending more time at home, television has become a center of entertainment and a port that connects us to the world. ”

Allen Jabbour, Director of Samsung TV Plus Latin America Business Development.

Photo: Courtesy of Samsung México.

In this way, Samsung Streaming streams via Smart TV You will have another choice between platforms for flow How Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +, With the advantage that you do not need to make monthly payments. Just turn on the screen and Login Implementation, Which can be downloaded or will be downloaded The factory installed new models.

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Contents provided by “Samsung TV Plus”

The variety of options to offer is wide, which Samsung service has integrated into 20 channels. This content is provided for those who love it Gastronomy, travel, music or news.

Samsung Smart TV
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung México.

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For those who want to be aware of It happens all over the world,Bloomberg TV EuronewsIt will keep you updated with the latest facts. For this part, ‘Taste’ It is an interesting choice for all lovers of the culinary scene, Traveling home and the world.

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If there is Music It is your passion Qwest TV Offers live shows and recorded programs from JazzAnd the Spirit s panic; Lovers of the seventh art will be able to have fun Great “runtime” movies.

Samsung Star TV
Photo: Courtesy Samsung.

Samsung has already reached other countries with its streaming service: ‘Samsung TV Plus’, Rendering 40 channels; For this reason, the company explained that the availability of content in Mexico will increase.

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