France is urging the UK to “choose” its relationship with the European Union

French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview published by the British newspaper The Guardian on Saturday that the post-Brexit UK must clarify the relationship it wants to have with the European Union, stressing the “common destiny” that unites the two.

What policy do you want to choose? [el Reino Unido]? Macron said in an interview with several foreign correspondents on Friday that he cannot be the best ally of the United States, the best ally of the European Union, and the new Singapore … he must choose a model.

According to the text of the interview sent by the Elysee to Agence France-Presse, the French head of state confirms that if London calls for “a full transatlantic policy,” “there will be very strong moments of clarification.”

During trade negotiations with the United Kingdom, the European Union feared its former member might become something of Singapore by lowering European labor, tax and environmental standards on its soil.

He added, “I hope that we maintain peaceful and constructive relations because I strongly believe that our destiny is united, that our intellectuals are united, and that we think about the world with our differences.”

The French president, who said he did not believe in “new nationalism”, reiterated his view that Brexit was a “mistake” and that “it will complicate matters on many issues.”

Macron said that the British, French and other Europeans maintain a “united destiny, because history and geography do not change,” questioning the possibility of the UK having a “different destiny” and calling for “finding the salt of a common destiny.”

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The tenant of the Elysee concluded, “I hope that Boris Johnson and his companions share this opinion and I strongly believe that the British people support this opinion.”

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