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A new initiative to help migrants and refugees has been consolidated. It is called Safe Mobility and is “active in Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.”

He explains that this facilitates “free access to protection and other legal channels to the United States and other countries,” through the site Las Americas newspaperSpokesperson for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Media Affairs, Cristina Rosales.

on site Safe navigation They add that the US government has announced the expansion of legal routes to that country for refugees and immigrants in South and Central America.

Through safe mobility, they seek “vulnerable refugee migrants do not have to undertake dangerous journeys”.

However, this Must be qualified To benefit from the program.

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Admission methods available to the United States

These methods, reported by the US Embassy in Venezuela at the beginning of July 2023, depend on the applicant’s profile and needs:

  • Refugee resettlement, which may be granted to people who meet the definition of a refugee under US law and who are of special humanitarian interest to the United States.
  • Specially designated pathways to admission (conditional release) are available for persons of certain nationalities.
  • Some immigrants who have relatives in the United States may be eligible for parole proceedings for family reunification
  • Seasonal or temporary employment paths are a viable option for some people.

Who is eligible for safe transportation?

Through the Safe Mobility Program, “eligible refugees and immigrants will be considered for humanitarian admission programs for refugees, and other legal admission pathways to the United States or other countries that may offer these opportunities.

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The website highlights that those interested in relocating to the United States or other countries participating in the program should take advantage of these safe and legal processes.

In the three countries where the initiative is active, they work with applications to choose a safe mobility programme.

Do not trust anyone who asks to pay sums of money for services related to the “Safe Mobility” program, as he requests them from the aforementioned site.

Not everyone who completes an application will be eligible for or benefit from the program.

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Eligible to apply in Guatemala

And the newspaper Diario Las Americas notes that “since August 10, only processing is taking place Applications submitted by citizens of Guatemala. People of other nationalities are not eligible to apply at this stage.

Remember, Guatemala’s Safe Mobility Initiative previously processed applications from people from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Eligible to apply in Costa Rica

The Safe Mobility Initiative in Costa Rica is in operation applications submitted by citizens Nicaragua and Venezuela who were present in Costa Rica on or before June 12, 2023.

Since August 15, the site has been accepting applications from Nicaraguan and Venezuelan citizens located in Costa Rica.

Eligible to apply in Colombia

The office will not provide services to Colombian citizens.

Safe transportation in Colombia is managed Applications for citizens of Cuba and Haiti Venezuela Which is located in Colombia. To be eligible, individuals must be legally present in Colombia on or before June 11.

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What the Commission says

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees indicated, according to the newspaper Diario de las Americas, that access to safe transportation offices is only possible by making an appointment, which will be provided by phone or by calling in advance.

They stress that final decisions for all cases will be made by the United States government.

To learn more about safe mobility, here


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