If the next AirPods Pro look like this, Apple will take my wallet

After the official announcement of Apple’s keynote, we already know when we will meet the next iPhone 15. But the news won’t stop there, not just on that specific day. The AirPods Pro refurbishment is starting to get loudIf the rumors are confirmed, they will improve significantly.

Over the years, AirPods have become a must-have product for many users. Apple has hit upon a formula so good for providing sound quality, comfort and functionality in headphones that they have ended up reinventing the concept. With the arrival of the iPhone 15, this formula will be completed.

What iPhone makes, AirPods inherit

The iPhone 15, with the implementation of a USB Type-C port, will set a precedent. Not because it will be the first phone in the world to adopt this connection. But because it will be the first iPhone that will have it.

What was initially a 30-pin connector is now a Lightning connector, and is found in the vast majority of the company’s accessories. Although USB Type C has consumed a lot of mainstream products.

Currently, all products in the AirPods lineup contain a Lightning port for charging. Now, it’s starting to get loud that a refresh of the second generation AirPods Pro is coming, and that this product is It will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 15, as it uses a USB Type-C connector as a charging socket.

If so, the future AirPods Pro, which we will see at the same keynote on September 12, will be the first in the family of products to say goodbye to the Lightning connector. Therefore, we say goodbye to this connector, not only in the iPhone 15 models that may be presented, but also in one of the company’s best-selling headphones.

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Where does all this come from? As reported by the English-language portal 9to5Mac“In line with the new iPhones, Apple will be introducing updated AirPods at the event, which will include a USB-C charging port,” said Mark Gurman.

Will the AirPods Pro 2 be renewed? Or will it be AirPods Pro 3 directly?

9to5Mac comment on this move that Apple could take. “The AirPods Pro 2 are new enough for this change to USB-C,” they explained.

“On the other hand, AirPods 3 are already two years old,” they comment on the situation in which the “younger brother” of the second generation AirPods Pro finds itself.

Regarding the AirPods Max, they commented that this model requires USB Type C. But “if the only change is the charging port,” it wouldn’t be a good device to buy.

However, what we already know is the date when we will be able to see these changes materialize, should they occur. And getting AirPods Pro with a USB Type-C connector, and greater compatibility with the rest of the cables, could be a winning combination.

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