Rwanda unveils a 100-bed hotel as a reception center for deportees from the United Kingdom

Hope Hostel was the hostel of the Genocide Student Survivors Association, a safe haven for young people orphaned in the 1994 genocide.


Rwanda launches a campaign to present an acceptable image of the country after being questioned over its human rights violations.

he Hope descended Positioning itself as a hopeful destination for migrants to be deported from the UK, it was a shelter for the Student Genocide Survivors Association, a safe haven for young people orphaned in the 1994 genocide, when up to 800,000 Tutsis were killed. and moderate Hutus.

The European Court of Human Rights opposes the deportation

Thus, Rwanda proves its ability to receive migrants from the United Kingdom after the approval of the British Parliament this week A disputed and stalled bill Which seeks to stem the tide of people crossing the English Channel in small boats by deporting some of them to the East African country.

The destination hotel for early deportees is located in the exclusive Kagogo neighbourhood, an area of ​​Kigali that is home to many expatriates and several international schools.

The truth is that the hotel has not received any guests since it opened two years ago.

Hotel as a “transit hub”

hotel manager, We cried, Ismail, confirms that it has been ready for years to provide the best services to asylum seekers. “When they get here Hope descendedHe confirmed that he will receive various hospitality services.

The Rwandan government has often described the Center as having the capacity to do this 100 beds As a transit center, it is the first of its kind.

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They were adamant that if further deportations occurred, the Rwandan government would build Other similar centers.

British taxpayer money is funding the maintenance of the facility through a $462.7 million deal signed by the two countries in 2022.

The stellar promise of Rishi Sunak's government

In an attempt to deter migrants from trying to enter the UK illegally, the UK government reached an economic agreement with Rwanda in April 2022 to send migrants who arrive in the UK as stowaways or on boats to the East African country. In Kigali, they will process their asylum applications and, if accepted, they will stay.

Sunak confirms that the first flights will take place before the summer

The British Parliament finally passed legislation this week allowing some migrants to be sent to Rwanda. A deterrent to Rishi Sunak's government's controversial plan to prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel from the shores of France to the UK in small boats. A journey that entails enormous risks for its participants.

According to the United Kingdom, about 30 thousand immigrants They crossed the canal in 2023 in small boats, a third fewer than they did in 2022.

A difficult project to achieve

Human rights groups Other critics of the plan say it is ineffective and immoral to send migrants to a country on another continent 6,400 kilometers away in which they have no interest in living.

Commissioner for Human Rights in Council of Europe, Michael O'Flaherty Send a message to the British government. He demanded that the implementation of the new law “must always be carried out in full respect of international standards.”

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No one has yet been sent to Rwanda, and the European Court of Human Rights halted the first flight in 2019, but British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the first flights would depart in July.

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