The United Kingdom expresses concern over the NEC’s decision to exclude the European Union on 28 July

he United kingdom On Friday, May 31, he expressed concern about the decision of the National Electoral Council (CNE). Withdrew its invitation to the European Union To participate as observers in the presidential elections scheduled for next July 28 in Venezuela.

On the official account of that country’s embassy in Caracas, on the European Union’s social network, they were asked to correct the imposed veto.

“The United Kingdom is also deeply concerned by the decision of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela to cancel the invitation to European Union Monitoring Mission“, they wrote.

Presidential candidates, the Democratic Unionist Platform, opposition leader Maria Corina Machado, and former Ibero-American presidents have also spoken out in recent days against the decision of the National Electoral Council.

For this reason, the United Kingdom reiterated that “We have been steadfast in our call for fair and competitive elections in Venezuela“.

EU surveillance in Barbados has been approved

The European Union, the Carter Center and the UN Group of Electoral Experts were three of the organizations invited to hold the elections, stipulated in the Barbados Agreement, which Chavismo and the opposition coalition in the Barbados Agreement signed in October 2023.

Although last April the commission received representatives of an EU exploratory mission on two occasions, on the 9th and 16th, to discuss the observation, this week Amoroso claimed that sanctions imposed on individuals from Nicolás Maduro’s government were the reason behind them doing so. We will not invite the Europeans to elections.

These sanctions, which affect specific people, have been approved until January 2025, although the Community Bloc removed Amoruso from the list. When they imposed sanctions on him, they did so because of his role as the Republic’s comptroller general, responsible for political disqualification against Maduro’s opponents.

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