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As an immigration measure, the government United kingdom I proposed a program to deport illegal immigrants entering the country. about him Rwanda planas this country has already signed an agreement with the United Kingdom Receiving immigrants and asylum seekers.

However, the English government is looking for other locations to send illegal immigrants to. Armenia, Cote d'Ivoire, Costa Rica And Botswana There will be four potential countries in your plan, but you are also expected to include them Paraguay, Peru, Brazil And Ecuador.

According to the UK, there is also a standby list which includes green head, Senegal, Tanzania And Sierra Leone They will be contacted if talks with other parties do not progress.

The UK has proposed including Ecuador in an agreement to send asylum seekers, according to The Times

This is how the Rwanda plan will work

The goal of the Rwanda plan is Preventing migrants from arriving in the UK without documents and on boats illegally. Because they had no documents, they could not be accepted into the UK The procedure will be to send them to Rwanda on other ships.

In Rwanda, Migrants can apply for asylum and settle long-term in the African countryBut they were unable to return to the UK.

The Rwandan government said the migrants “will be entitled to full protection under Rwandan law, equal access to work and access to health and social care services.”

Border Force officers accompanied people on boats crossing the English Channel from France to Dover, Britain. EFI/EPA/Stuart Brook Photo: Stuart Brook

If Rwanda rejects your asylum application, Migrants can find refuge in a 'safe third world country'mentions the agreement.

The same process applies to other countries the UK is considering in its plan. That's by saying, They will be the receiving countries of illegal immigrants.

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How legal is the Rwanda Plan?

In November 2023, The UK Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Rwanda plan was illegal. The court's argument was that the migrants would risk being returned to their countries of origin, from which they usually flee for their lives.

The court ruling also cited concerns about… Rwanda's poor human rights record and past treatment of refugees. The country has a history of “extrajudicial executions, deaths in custody, enforced disappearances, and torture.”

Protesters against the government's plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda at the Royal Courts of Justice, London. EFE/EPA/Tolga Akmin Photo: Tolga Akmen

But the UK has introduced a bill to make it clear in legislation that Rwanda is a safe country. This legislation Deletes key provisions of the Human Rights ActAnd Forces courts to ignore other British laws or international standards, Such as the International Refugee Convention.

Moreover, the Minister of the Interior emphasized, James Cleverlyensures that anyone sent to Rwanda They will not be at risk of being returned to their country of origin.

When he was former Prime Minister Boris Johnson Present the plan and state it “Our compassion may be infinite, but our ability to help people is not.”“, he claimed. “We cannot ask British taxpayers to write a blank check to cover the costs of anyone who wants to come to live here.”

Boris Johnson defends the agreement to send migrants to Rwanda during his visit to the country

However, citizens and politicians criticized the program for its ambiguity surrounding international human rights standards.

The charity Asylum Aid said the government should “abandon the idea of ​​forcible removal of people seeking asylum to third countries”, describing the policy as “cruel and ineffective”. (Yo)

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