Sunak faces final stage of campaign from Hindu temple in London

Rishi Sunak Attend Hindu temple on Saturday or Mandir From Neasden, north-west London, known as BAPS Shri Swaminarayan, is in the final phase of campaigning for the general election scheduled for July 4. accompanied by his wife, Akshata Murtithe outgoing Prime Minister celebrated that the United Kingdom had become “the most successful multi-ethnic and multi-communal democracy in the world,” and took the opportunity to denounce from the main hall of the temple, in front of hundreds of Hindus who had gathered there, “the events of recent days,” in reference to comments made by a member In the far-right British Reform Party, the anti-immigration party in the United Kingdom. Nigel Faragewho He called Sunak a “f**king Paki”.This is according to a recording obtained by a secret reporter from Channel 4.

Leader Friday Conservative Party He has already condemned some racist comments at a campaign event at a school in Teesside, England. “When you see candidates and people from the Reform campaign in the UK using racist and misogynistic language and views, seemingly without any provocation, I think that tells you something about the culture of the Reform Party.” the first show Britt, who lamented that her daughters had to “see and hear UK Reform Party members who campaigned for Nigel Farage call me a ‘fucking snob’.” “It hurts me and makes me angry and I think [Farage] “He has some questions to answer,” he concluded.

However, the populist leader said he was “appalled” by the comments, while the author of the racist comments explained that neither Farage nor the Reform Party were “aware” of his “personal views on immigration” and apologized to his boss, although he played down the significance of the comments. He describes his words as “typical pub conversation”.

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Saturday afternoon of Mandir From Neasden, Sunak and his wife took part in a prayer ritual before listening to the words of the priest, who told the Conservative candidate that it was “a point of pride for the British Hindu community to see a practicing Hindu and his family become Hindus”. Residents of No. 10 Downing Street. The religious man also allowed himself the luxury of joking in front of Sunak, who saw how the polls had turned his back on him once and for all: “You have actually raised the standard of the children of our society. It is no longer enough to be a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant, because Indian parents all over the country are now saying that you can Also becoming prime minister.

Sunak was presented with a wreath as he approached the stage, touching the priest’s feet as a mark of respect, with the audience applauding and cheering as he bowed to make the gesture. “You have been with me through all of this. On the toughest days of this job, I have felt you have my back,” he said. “I know how proud it is to have an Asian British prime minister and I am determined never to let you down.”

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