Russian forces control an area near the Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson

According to what the official specified on his Telegram channel, the remnants of the Ukrainian units are blocked in the lower reaches of the Dnieper River, between the waterway and the swamps, while the area where the bridge connects the land is in the hands of the Russian forces.

Saldo noted that the Russian military used the heaviest systems, including the Iskander and Solntsipyuk heavy flamethrower system, to eliminate Ukrainian army groups in the fighting near the bridge.

He explained that “it is difficult to calculate the exact losses of the enemy, many drowned in the boats, and some may be drawn from them, but many dead bodies were left in the huts and under the bridge.”

According to preliminary estimates, at least 100 Ukrainian soldiers lost their lives and many more were wounded in the fighting near the Antonovsky Bridge, and to this must be added those killed on the western bank and those who drowned in the river during the crosses, the exact balance.

In his opinion, the Russian army seriously undermined the combat potential of the Ukrainian army.

“The best and most trained troops have been wiped out. “As a result of the confrontation on the bridge, our fighters have greatly undermined the enemy’s combat capability,” he added.


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