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Sunday marks the 54th anniversary of the launch of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, the first in human history to reach the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped out of a spacecraft and walked on a natural satellite to identify a milestone in astronomy.

The mission launched on July 16th and reached the lunar surface on July 20th. The audiovisual record of the iconic moment shows the pair of astronauts securing the United States flag to the Moon.

However, over the years, material from this historic flight has surfaced, which NASA apparently intends to dispose of. The photo that appears to us on the Internet, specifically on the YouTube channel of the Argentine media Página 12, shows a moment that sways on parody due to its content that is funny and understandable from a scientific point of view.

In the video, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin attempt to walk on the moon, but they fail with every step they take. The differences in gravity of a natural satellite are many compared to Earth’s. The two astronauts suffer from it and fall to the ground again and again.

How many times have we been to the moon?

NASA has carried out a total of six successful missions to the Moon. They were all called Apollo and were made between 1969 and 1972. Here are the details:

  • Apollo 11: Launched on July 16, 1969, it was the first mission to land humans on the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.
  • Apollo 12: The launch took place on November 14, 1969, and the crew of Charles Conrad, Alan Bean, and Richard Gordon landed on the moon on November 19, 1969.
  • Apollo 14: Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, and Stuart Roosa launched on January 31, 1971 and are the crew members who landed on the moon on February 5, 1971.
  • Apollo 15: It was launched on July 26, 1971, and astronauts David Scott, Alfred Worden, and James Irwin landed on the moon on July 30, 1971.
  • Apollo 16: John Young, Thomas Mattingly, and Charles Duke were launched on April 16, 1972, and landed on the Moon on April 20, 1972.
  • Apollo 17: Launched on December 7, 1972, it was the last mission of the Apollo program and the last time humans walked on the Moon. Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmidt, and Ronald Evans landed on the moon on December 11, 1972.
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