Russia proposes to hold a conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the United States promises to change the situation

Russia proposed on Tuesday at the United Nations to hold an international ministerial conference in the spring or summer to tackle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with dozens of participants attending, while the United States promised to revive relations with the Palestinians.

It is noteworthy that Russia agreed from the outset to the request made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in September to hold an international conference in early 2021 “to start the peace process.” The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov, explained in detail who could participate there, during a videoconference. To the Security Council on the Middle East.

“We propose to consider in the spring and summer of 2021 an international ministerial conference in which Russia, the United States, the United Nations and the European Union participate as members of the Quartet (the Middle East Mediation Authority), as well as as four Arab countries, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and of course Israel and Palestine.” .

Lavrov indicated that for Russia, “it will also be important to invite the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is at the origin of the Arab Peace Initiative.”

The Russian minister said, without specifying a specific date or place for such a conference, that “this meeting can be a platform for a full analysis of the situation and helping countries to engage in a dialogue.”

Russia “is also ready to organize a high-level meeting in Moscow between Israel and Palestine,” he added.

Among the interventions, China expressed its support for the Russian initiative to hold an international conference, which other members of the council rarely mentioned.

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In turn, the interim US ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Mills, affirmed that the administration of Democrat Joe Biden “will restore the reliable commitment of the United States to the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

In the last annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, Mamoud Abbas, who rejected the peace plan proposed by former President Donald Trump, which he considered unfair, stressed that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be achieved “on the basis of international law” and agreed standards. By the international community.

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