Facebook opens a UK news portal

The social networks It proved to be a great way not only for people to connect with their knowledge but also Inform About what is happening in your area, your country and the whole world. The social networking site Facebook Realizes this and is promoting New news section It is available now at United kingdom.

eyelash Facebook News It was only available in United State, However, the Social red Expand your proposal, prof News portal Customized and organized, it can be accessed via a tab in the Android or iOS app menu.

The portal will be launched with content Hundreds of local and national media organizations, Including Channel 4 News, Daily Mail Group, DC Thomson, Financial Times, Sky News and Telegraph Media Group. The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent and hundreds of local news sites including different lifestyles such as GQ, Cosmopolitan, Glamor and Vogue.

As with the US version, UK users will receive a List of the best news Selected every day, as well as personalized stories based on news sources that already follow or align with your interests. You will also find news sections dedicated to Sports, recreation, health, science and technology.

Users will be able to indicate if they like the stories or when they want to hide them Better training algorithms And show them what they might like.

The social networking site Facebook Announce that, for the above, he will work with a service called Arrive today To select the stories that appear in the “News” tab. “ The product is a mixture of Specific Featured Stories and Algorithmically Selected Custom LinksA spokesman said.

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The tool also aims to have Facebook News provide a The most balanced news mix Of people who usually get views of sites they already follow or topics that they previously showed interest in.

The company also shared that it plans to bring its news division to France and Germany. Although he did not mention dates for that. Indeed, it must be remembered that the spread of Facebook News was not fast. The service was first launched as a trial in the United States in October 2019 and rolled out to all users last June.

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Benefit for the media

Although Facebook has not provided details about the deal it reached with The media He participates in his news initiative expected to reach tens of millions of pounds.

Of course, Facebook will make billions Advertising profitsHowever, the fact that news companies get paid for showing their content is a positive thing, especially considering that they are Loss of advertising revenue Specifically as a result of the power of platforms like Facebook and Google.

And it is that there are currently millions of people using news sources on Facebook and other social sites to follow global events while searching for posts from friends, groups, and next pages. Facebook News aims to take this a step further, as a page designed for links and headlines from hundreds of posts to supply users A unique place to read stories of the moment.

It also appears to be a good move on Facebook’s part, like others Technology companiesIn Europe it is being questioned because of its scope and the potential practices that Discourage competition And it affects local businesses, such as the media.

Professionals say the news tab is also another attempt by Facebook to stop emerging as a simple social network and for users to view it as an option to entertain themselves, inform themselves and even buy and find a job.

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