Russia is forging ahead and will shoot its first movie in space

The Russian Space Agency announced that in October actors and directors will travel to the International Space Station, in what will be the first film recorded in The space. With this, they hope to anticipate Tom Cruise’s project to record Mission Impossible.

The new space race between Russia and the United States aims to shoot a movie, and according to the Russian agency Roscosmos, it looks like they will be the first to implement this feat. The company announced that actress Juliana Peresild and director Clem Shibenko will travel to the United States International Space Station To start recording your project.

According to the Russian agency, the production team will travel to space on October 5 from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. The flight will take place aboard the Soyuz spacecraft that will be launched by A. Rocket With the same name.

Image: NASA

The film, with the tentative name “Challenge,” is in English, and seeks to be the first to be shot outside Earth. With this, the Russian space agency Roscosmos intends to open up space for a larger group of people.

In the case of it being the first movie to be shot in space, the Russian production would defeat American Tom Cruise and his project in the new assignment of Mission Impossible. Previously, the actor and director announced that he would implement his project manually NASA And SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Tom Cruise also plans to travel to space in the same month and year, to bring Ethan Hunt back to life, now on an adventure aboard the International Space Station. The film is directed by Doug Lehman, and his departure from Earth has been confirmed since September of last year.

Although there have been many space movies, none of them have been physically recorded. Some even believed that Gravity, directed by Mexican Alfonso Cuarón, was recorded extraterrestrial. However, the investigation of not just one tape, but two recorded strips of stars will never be confirmed.

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Roscosmos’ effort in the case of being the first to score in The space It would make them a milestone in entertainment history. This is why the United States has also been looking to win the space race.

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