Colfuturo breaks the record for credit scholarship candidates

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In its 30-year history, the entity has surpassed 3,500 new requests for its most popular program. Colfuturo’s first call received 882 requests.

Colvotoro The largest number of applications in its history have registered for the credit scholarship program that funds graduate studies of the country’s prominent professionals at the world’s top universities. In total, it received 3,599 applications, making the selection of 1,348 Colombians who would benefit from the foundation’s support more competitive. See more in Personal Finance.


“The record for participation in 2021, in Those by Colfuturo After turning 30, it’s very satisfying. This result shows the positive development of the program, as it received 882 requests in the first call in 1991. These results demonstrate the determination and motivation of Colombians to live the experience of studying abroad and the importance of graduate programs in their life projects, even in the face of the recent difficulties we all faced, ”said Jeronimo Castro , Director By Colfuturo.

this year Colfuturo will allocate $ 58 million to fund those selected, of which $ 22 million will be provided by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Minciencias). 681 men and 668 women will benefit from the support, all of whom are known for their academic excellence.

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At 30 years old, Colvotoro hIt has been a transforming ally and working tirelessly to motivate more professionals to pursue a postgraduate degree than to excel at the best universities in the world. This effort is reflected in the increasing number of requests received each year.

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Since creation By Colfuturo, 12,893 Colombians fulfilled their dream of studying masters and doctoral degrees on an international level. The foundation paid them $ 594 million. All this was made possible by the generous donations of business and cooperation, since 2008, with the national government, now through Minciencias.

One of the positive outcomes of this call is learning how to reduce the gender gap: the percentage of women benefiting from the program increased from 30% in 1992 to 50% in 2021.

The five destinations preferred by those chosen for 2021 are the United Kingdom (21%), the United States (19%), Germany (11%), Australia (11%) and Spain (6%). For their part, the five fields of study most in demand were engineering, social sciences, basic sciences, management, political science, and international relations.

55% of the professionals selected come from different regions of Bogota such as Antioquia (14%), Valle (7%), Atlantico (5%), Santander (5%), Bolivar (3%), Boyacá (3%) others.

Of the total money made Colvotoro Disbursement, those selected will be able to receive a scholarship of up to 80%, depending on the decisions they make, as follows:

40% of the amount spent will be a scholarship when the recipient graduates and returns to the country (20% for a master’s in administration or law).

Those who settle upon their return in regions other than Bogotá will receive an additional 20% for the previous scholarship.

Those who work with state, education or research will receive an additional 20%.

All of the above is cumulative so the scholarship can be up to 80%.

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The results of all the calls made by Colfuturo since its inception to date are a clear example of its commitment to stimulating the professional specialization of Colombians and the conviction that these professionals will contribute to the social and economic progress of the country. Therefore, the entity realizes the need to continue to enhance educational mobility as a mechanism to generate integration and cooperation at the international level.

Over the next decade, Colfuturo will continue to be Colombia’s leading provider of graduate study abroad. We will be an excellent ally for distinguished professionals from all over the country who wish to study Masters and PhDs at the highest level. We will support them in the search for high levels of excellence, the acquisition of world-class knowledge and the desire to build a better society, “Castro emphasized.

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