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Posted this afternoon Interesting new report Which seems to be closely related to Nintendo. We’re talking in this case about a new rumor that points to a new Switch model.

Specifically, we have several reports regarding Alleged leak coming from NVIDIA DLSS. Among its documentation, references have been found to a new powerful SoC (System on a Chip) for New virtual model for Nintendo Switch. This will be compatible with current NVIDIA graphics technologies.

This is it common:

  • The documentation brings with it an indication of the use of DLSS in the NVIDIA Graphics API that was designed for the Nintendo/Switch.
  • “nvn_dlss_backend.h”, “nvndlss.cpp” and “nvn_dlss.cpp” are some of the files that are part of this API, listed as NVN2, which by default is the second (and updated) version of the already used Graphics API that is defined for the new SoC.
  • A test using DLSS version 2.2 has also been shown, as well as support for Ray Tracing and the use of Ampere as a base:

Built with 54 billion transistors, the NVIDIA Ampere architecture It’s the largest 7nm chip ever built and features six major innovations: Tensor Cores (3rd generation), Multi-Instance GPU (MIG), third-party NVLink generation, Structural Spass, RT Cores (2nd generation), and Smarter, faster memory.

  • In the images provided, the date for 2019 is shown along with documentation regarding the SoC T239 (identified as Dane/Black Knight internally by NVIDIA) that was ordered and built specifically for Nintendo and that has support for NVIDIA DLSS version 2.2, as well as to ray tracing technology.
  • The images also indicate that NVIDIA would have suggested Ampere as the system’s GPU architecture as a better way to get implementation compatibility, and Nintendo would have agreed.
  • There is also a requirement for backward compatibility with the entire existing console library on this model so that all Switch games can be used.
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So far There is no official confirmation about this, but without a doubt this has raised alarms regarding the arrival of a new model of the Nintendo Switch. In recent months, they had somewhat stalled after the launch of the OLED model.

We’ll have to be careful to see if anything else is announced about it. In the meantime, what do you think of the report? You can share it in the comments.


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