Films depicting the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

in the last days, The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has become the topic of the moment. However, the tense relationship between the two regions continued for several decades, with the populations of both countries experiencing a state of segregation and military dominance.

In addition to the knowledge of the history between Russia and Ukraine that has been explained by many historians, An easier way to understand the conflict is through films and documentaries Who are responsible for the explanation? The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine Through fairy tales that depict part of the reality we live in today.

So, We recommend five films with different viewpoints This will help to understand the context of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Rhino (2021)

rhino movie Directed by Oleh Sentsov, a Ukrainian director who was imprisoned for 5 years in RussiaThe feature film was produced by Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

deals with the film Rhino, the young man who rose as a criminal leader in Ukraine Meanwhile, the film depicts how criminal organizations seized power from the streets of Ukraine, sparking political tension with Russia.

The Earth is Blue Like an Orange (2020)

This movie was Filmed by director Irina Celik, which depicts the life of a single mother and her four children Experiencing the current situation in Ukraine. Mira, the eldest daughter, dreams of becoming a film director, While at the same time dropping bombs are displayed in your neighborhood And the raw truth that civilians in Ukraine live by is told.

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Donbass (2018)

Donbass is a film produced by Sergei Loznitsa that won the Best Director award in the section Greetings from the Cannes Film Festivalby filming supporters living in Ukraine and supporting the Russian government in several episodes, inspired by real videos posted on YouTube.

Oleg’s Choice (2016)

A documentary film produced by Elena Volocini and James Keough Which follows two military men named Oleg and Max, who volunteer to fight for Russia against Ukraine. However, as their participation progressed, they began to have doubts about this conflict.

Winter on Fire (2015)

Winter on Fire is a documentary that you can watch on NetflixIt was also nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards. The documentary shows an approach to the country’s protests from the perspective of civilians living in Ukraine.


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