Royalty also shares relationships with Hollywood celebrities

Politics also has something to do with British dynasty, in this case Former US President George W. Bush With the people’s princess, They are eleventh grade cousins. According to a company specializing in searching for genealogical information, the common ancestor is Henry Spencer, who is the ancestor of the royal family. Diana Wells Who lived in the town of Badby, in Northamptonshire, eastern England.

Guy Ritchie and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is related to Guy Ritchie and Ellen DeGeneres.

Original photography: @kensingtonroyal.

There is a book written by New England Historical Genealogical Society In Boston reveals several notable names have been linked to it Kate Middleton Among them is the British director and producer Guy Ritchie. They are both sixth cousins ​​and the director was invited to her wedding with Prince William in 2011.

Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton

Ellen DeGeneres will be honored at the Golden Globe AwardsAndrew Chen

Another distant cousin of Duchess of Cambridge She is a TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres In the fourteenth grade. Although they had not met in person, when the comedian found out, she took advantage of one of her shows to ask royal Sarcastically why didn’t she recognize him, even though she was related to him too Madonna and Halle Berry And they both accepted it.

Ralph Fiennes and Prince Charles

he actor sThe film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.‘And the Prince Carlos They are descendants of King James II of Scotland, which makes them eighth cousins. Imagine the surprises we could find if we did the same search in our family tree.

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