Roberto Carlos, the legend of Real Madrid, has signed with a team from an English pub

The amateur team Bull In The Barne United, of the Sunday League of Shropshire, of England, was able to join their ranks with the 2002 world champion, Roberto Carlos.

While players love Luis Diaz And the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Made headlines during the winter transfer window, one of the deals that managed to fly under the radar was for an amateur team from shropshire league sunday, England. The team made a miraculous move to sign the legend Real Madrid Roberto Carlos.

The 2002 world champion And the winner of three Champions League Completed a sudden move to Bull in the Barn United in January as part of a Dream Transfer on eBay. The 48-year-old, who is considered one of the best left-backs in history, last played for the club Delhi Dynamos from the Indian Premier League in 2015.

The Dream Transfer dynamic was open to anyone associated with the Sunday League club in the UK, with an entry fee of £5 giving teams the opportunity to add a player with professional experience to their squad. Who said it’s impossible to find value for money in January?

Yes good Robert Charles Added to list Bull in BarnThe Dream Transfer competition also saw the former England international I’m Aloko Playing in the Sunday League with the club Pevensie and West Ham FC. two weeks ago.

All funds raised from the raffle and the event will be donated to support football is out of bounds, A charity that helps disadvantaged youth in communities across the country.

Bull in Barn It is a pub team that was formed over 30 years ago. They hail from rural Shropshire, and have run their trade this season in the second of the four tiers that make up the Sunday District League. Shrewsbury. They are led by their goalkeeper Ed Spiller, who admitted he was doing his best to control the excitement of his players as he prepared for that important day.

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He said, “Everyone is so excited! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” ESPN. “I think they will calm down, but on match day everyone will focus on playing and having fun. I know for a fact that this is going to be a story to tell for years to come!”

When asked how he plans to provide tips and tactics to a man who played 125 games for Brazil, Spiller admitted he found the task more than a little daunting.

He said, “Managing such a great player is a whole new level for me! I will probably talk to him on that day to explain how the team plays, but he has a lot of knowledge and experience at the highest level and I don’t doubt he will fit in.”

The presence of such a legendary player in the local pub team aroused a lot of interest. Fans young and old flock to watch him play, and some use whatever medium is available to get the best viewing.

Looking at the game itself, Speller also revealed that the arrival of Charles to Bull in Barn He could be a source of friction with his left back Liam Toral, although he was hoping to find space for both players on the pitch.

“Roberto is clearly the best left-back he’s ever played, so Liam told us several times he might not play,” said Spiller. “I would like to see Roberto play further out on the field so that Liam, the best left-back in Shropshire, can enjoy his moment of glory.”

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fact, Charles He was included in Speller’s squad today for a friendly match against Harlescott Rangers on Friday, and started off the bench. Following in the footsteps of compatriot Kaká, who appeared out of nowhere to play a six-man match in London a few years ago, the Brazilian legend had to content himself with securing a place in the substitutes as his new full-back was leading the way. .

After causing a sensation in Hanwood Village Hall Recreation Center, Charles He finally came off the bench and witnessed the turmoil of English amateur football for the first time.

He even went up to the scoreboard, and coldly scored a penalty, but Bull in Barn He lost 4-3.

After a rather mediocre performance on his debut, the Brazilian handed the Man of the Match award to teammate Callum Pep.

Carlos was just smiling as he stood with the rest of his bull in his Barn teammates after the final whistle, including his manager. Ed Spiller, Who can now be considered among the outstanding stars Fabio Capello, Guus Hiddink and Vincente Del Bosque Who trained the former football player from Rio de Janeiro.

Believe it or not, this isn’t Carlos’s first flirtation with the West Midlands football scene – he came close to signing with Birmingham City early in his career. As a young man, he received an offer to move to St Andrews in 1995 after scoring his first international goal in a 3-0 victory over Japan in the Umbro Cup, an exhibition tournament held in England as a prelude to the 1996 European Championship.

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City has just been promoted to the Championship (then known as First Division), but Charles Resist and finally sign Inter de MilanWhere he played with Roy Hodgson.

He is seen as one of the best left-backs to ever practice the sport, Charles He won 20 titles with teams like Inter and Real Madridas well as a world Cuptwo Americas Cups and one Confederations Cup With the Brazilian national team.

He was also famous for his ‘impossible’ free kick against France during Le Tournoi in 1997.

The highest level of decoration that splurge Bull in Barn 2021-22 is Director Spiller’s medal after winning the Junior Cup Final while still in high school.

“I and a lot of guys have fond memories of youth football tournaments as well,” he said.

Something tells us that after today, they might have a new milestone in their career.

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