rlaxx TV arrives in Spain

Within video-on-demand services, there are some that are funded by subscriptions paid by their customers (like Netflix or HBO, for example) and others It is free for users They earn their income through advertisements. Within this latter group we find popular platforms such as Pluto TV NS Tiffy.

Now, they’re just joined by a new option: called rlaxx TV, and as he explains it ADSLZoneAnd Arrives in Spain with 27 free channelsPlus a catalog of on-demand content. You can already access it through most TVs; To see it on mobile phones and on the web, we still have to wait a bit.

For now, only on TVs

Like Pluto TV, rlaxx TV is a file Advertising-supported streaming (AVoD) service Combines the benefits of video on demand (VoD) and traditional TV for free. The platform is of German origin and started serving the UK in September 2020, although little by little it has reached more countries.

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rlaxx TV app starts a TV show and also gives you the option to change channels freely Pause, fast forward, rewind, replay, or watch later. At the moment, it has 27 channels (still far from the 100 offered by Pluto TV), but its managers promise to add more soon. These are the channels you can watch right now on Relaxx TV:

As we can see in the table, unlike Tivify, which bets on DTT channels, rlaxx TV follows the example of Pluto TV and offers exclusive channels. Keep in mind, however, that Many of them are in English.

Relaxx TV 03

The selective section, for its part, offers you a catalog of on-demand content that will be updated gradually. Content in the form Organized into channels by topic Such as sports, music, movies, cinema, lifestyle, adventure, documentaries and kids.

Being an ad-supported TV on-demand (AVoD) service, the rlaxx TV app is funded by ads and It’s completely free for viewers. Currently, it is available in Android TV NS Camel, as well as on some Smart TV models and on Amazon Fire TV; Soon you will also be able to see its content through its website and in an app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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