Rishi Sunak repeals ban on building new onshore wind farms in UK – NIUS

Romney Marshes wind farm, Camber, UKGT

  • By law, the establishment of a wind farm in the UK requires the consensus of all neighbours.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considering scrapping the ban on building new onshore wind farms Thus avoiding a new battle with conservative parliamentarians. According to British media reports, Sunak’s government is preparing to introduce changes to planning regulations that would allow local councils to give the green light to wind turbine proposals that have broad public support.

Since 2015, a neighbour’s objection can prevent the construction of a wind farm in the UKBoth land and sea in the UK. City councils can only approve new wind farms if they can prove that residents’ support is complete.

According to government sources reported by The Telegraph newspaperThese changes to the law will allow municipalities to “address the planning impacts of wind energy projects more flexibly.” Parks will be allowed to be built “when it is proven that the planning impacts have been satisfactorily addressed.”

The amendment to remove the ban on new offshore wind was mooted by former President of Cop26 Alok Sharma He enjoys the support of a large portion of conservatives. The Labor Party also supports this proposal.

The announcement will be the second time Sunak has been forced to act on the issue after coming under pressure from MPs in his own government when he became prime minister last year. Sunak then pledged to keep the ban in place, but rebellion among his MPs forced him to change his stance.

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Facing backlash again from Conservative MPs who oppose the construction of new wind farms, the Prime Minister promised to set rules to ensure full consultation with local communities before any new projects are built.

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