Bolivia Racing Team wins its third US title

Yesterday, the Bolivia Racing Team (BRT) consolidated its third international title, after winning the MP-3A group of the FARA Cup, in a competition held in Miami, United States.

Sergio Cosque Vacaflor, Sergio Cosque Herrera (Jr) and Patricio Franulich achieved third place at the last date for the category to which they belong, a result more than enough to cement a new international title for BRT, after the successes of 2014 and 2015.

“Very happy with my son and Patricio. We conclude the year of great sacrifices. Let us not forget that, with clear lungs, we single-handedly represented the country, we traveled with our little money and today we have a comeback to make a new title,” said Sergio Cosque Sr., as announced by the Bolivian sports car company Al-Ittihad (February).

After an impressive performance in qualifying on Saturday, the BRT team left yesterday determined to win an international title again, a trophy that was achieved thanks to the three drivers and their amazing performance.

To complete the 480 km of the circuit, Franulich began competing on a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which was later taken over by Sergio Sr. and finished by Sergio Junior.

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