Ricardo Lopez Murphy and Fernanda Vallejos star in a heated debate مناقشة

Ricardo Lopez Murphy had an intense meeting with Fernanda Vallejos, National Representative of the Todos Front, on the Dos Voices program, on Todo Noticias.

“The prescriptions that Lopez Murphy advocated are the same as those he proposed when he was the coalition minister and lasted 15 days in office,” the official said.

He continued: “Argentine society rejects them strongly. For the same reason that prompted him to expel him within 15 days, he expelled Macri in 2019 and Peronism returned. We have to go back to the things that worked, because they are doing Harakari out of poverty, but it is solved by work. When they come they destroy him and us. Extinguish the fire “.

In a heated debate, Buenos Aires’ deputy candidate asserted that the country had “stagnated for 15 years.”

Vallejos was judged: “This is totally wrong. If you deny the statistics and create a kind of science fiction that fits your argument, you can’t argue. I respect their ideas, but we can’t deny the truth or the lie.”

“I can go to the data with complete peace of mind, I invite you to see how the per capita income today compared to the past, if in the period from 2011 to 2015 we grew and what is the situation in the country with the risk of this country for the future,” replied the preliminary candidate.

Then, before commenting, Vallejos responded that he should also invite the community to find out what happened between 2015 and 2019. Lopez Murphy was strong: “I am not in charge of a government that I did not participate in, I just joined the coalition. Now it is a broader front trying to put an end to The internal and external policies that led the country to this situation.”

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For the economist, the country has become “poor”. On this point, he noted that “no country in the world” has the same dollar system as Argentina, except – as he said – Venezuela and Cuba. Cuba just reduced 2,000 people by something per cent. The Cubans have abandoned this dual system because it is a crazy system that leads nowhere.”

On the contrary, Valejos declared: “We are not Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, or any of those disgraced sister countries. We are a country very different from any of those economies. For a myriad of reasons, comparison with these countries is impossible, and moreover However, I find it unpleasant to speak contemptuously of other countries that have their problems and we have to solve them, just as we have to solve our own.


The deputy highlighted the way to deal with the epidemic: “It is being vaccinated as quickly as possible.” However, the economist criticized the “incorrect” decision of the management and embodied his position with the “medieval quarantine”.

“It took time to hire the best vaccines in the world, even today members of the ruling bloc criticize their government for making the DNU find the best in the world. I think this delay has cost us tens of thousands of deaths,” Lopez Murphy said.

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