A Spanish woman has been fired from her UK job after 44 years due to Britain’s exit from the European Union

one of The main consequences of Britain’s exit from the European Union are increased labor difficulties in the UK. This was the case for a Spanish resident there for 44 years: she was fired from her Working in a nursing home for not proving your right to work in that country.

As the newspaper reveals Watchmanaffected He is 45 years old, and he came to the nation when he was just an 11-month-old baby He never left the UK. For this reason, try to contact the office responsible for settling his situation More than 100 times in the past 3 weeksAlthough he did not manage to talk to anyone.

many requests

It will end in June. The woman applied for her status as an EU citizen (EU) residents of the territory. But his request is paralyzed between more than one 500,000 that the offices have to address. This separation even caused him problems feeding his two children, because he is The main breadwinner for his family.

Although this case seems surprising, Some charities that help EU citizens say they are not isolated. The Spanish woman was called to a meeting with her employers on June 28 and that was when the managers of the center They found out that I did not have the documents that prove the right to work in the UK.

Punishment risk

As mentioned in the aforementioned broker, They asked him to prove that he arrived in the country legally: “It was like they were accusing me of getting here in the back of a truck, but I arrived like a baby. They asked me if You can prove that you have the right to work in the UKI’ve been paying taxes and Social Security here for nearly 30 years.”

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After meeting with your company, I applied for resident status, but did not receive the certificate. For this reason, her company fired her on the grounds that she risked being fined if she continued to work there. Despite the difficulties, the woman hoped to regain her position.

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