Revitalization of the UATX Histopathology Laboratory in Health Sciences

Editorial/Quadratín Tlaxcala

TLAXCALA, Telex, April 19, 2024.- With the aim of promoting scientific work among students, developing projects and creating academic cooperation networks in the field of medicine, the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) launched an interdisciplinary symposium on pathological anatomy, a framework within which it was also Reactivating the aforementioned knowledge branch laboratory.

During his speech, Professor Mauro Sánchez Ibarra, Secretary of the Rector's Office, representing Dr. Serafin Ortiz Ortiz, Dean of UATx, noted that this college has shown a great commitment to the professional training of its students, attending activities in the classrooms and laboratories. And clinics and hospitals through social service and professional practices, all of which depend on the educational work necessary to transmit information and knowledge.

He stressed that within this context of collaborative work, the Humanistic Integrative Model based on Capabilities (MHIC) and the principles of the University Human are supported, which are fundamental aspects that give meaning to the search for excellence, so we must also celebrate achievements in terms. Infrastructure, such as when revitalizing the Histopathology Laboratory, will allow high-level studies and research to be carried out, contributing to the prestige and social and professional recognition of the institution.

Meanwhile, Dr. Margarita Martinez Gomez, Academic Secretary, noted that these academic and research events are a sample of the interdisciplinary work being carried out to generate scientific research and apply knowledge in the laboratory, which will serve as a cutting-edge facility that will contribute to a solution and treatment. Many health related problems.

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Professor José Francisco Mauricio García, Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences, said that the symposium will allow students to become familiar with and advance the concepts that are addressed in this discipline within the framework of our educational model and the humanity, to which it is linked. health field work, while the laboratory will strengthen links with various organizations and agencies to conduct high-level and impactful studies.

The event was attended by the administrative structure of the college and the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala, as well as teachers and students.

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