Malvinas: They reject the restrictions on navigation ordered by the United Kingdom The State Department was silent on the matter

the Legislature of Buenos Aires Approval to cancel restrictions imposed on navigation and fishing Falkland Islands It was arranged by the Commissioner of the British Government Islands, Alison Blake.

Regional deputy of Union por la Patria Gustavo BoltiOne of the lawmakers who signed the resolution questioned the position Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs In the face of this situation he described “the leg”:

“They have a counselor (Diana Mondino) who is usually fierce when she speaks disdainfully about retirees’ income, but she remains silent when such issues are committed,” Bolte said in an interview with Al-Monitor. AM750.

The former mayor of Mar del Plata stressed the clause that limits navigation and fishing there 166 square kilometers The decision on the Argentine islands was made unilaterally by a British government official.

Furthermore, Bolte referred to the recent statements of the former British Prime Minister and current Chancellor, David Cameronwho, in the days before Commissioner Blake's decision, announced from the Malvinas Islands that the question of sovereignty “would not be a subject of discussion” with Argentina.

“It is illegal because the United Nations has spoken against it on various occasions,” the lawmaker said. Gustavo CampanaHe said that first and foremost, the international organization established in 1960 that any intention to partition or divide the territory of a state is contrary to its founding charter.

Bolte added that Cameron's refusal also contradicted the position of the United Nations, which in 1965 ruled in favor of the UK discussing sovereignty in relation to the Malvinas Islands with the Argentine Republic.

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“This government (headed by Miley) has committed several constitutional transgressions, starting with Decree 70, and this transgression is dangerous and blatant. This is, sooner or later, to the extent that it will continue.” It opens the doors to accountability“The interviewee warned, emphasizing that officials are constitutionally obligated to defend their country’s sovereignty.

Complete draft declaration of the Buenos Aires legislature

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