Revamping Your Bedroom for Work, Rest and Style

More of us are working from home, and it’s simply amazing. However, for many of us our bedrooms are also our office, meaning we are working in the middle of our “floor-drobe” and next to our dirty laundry on a daily basis. This cannot stand. With the ringing in of a new year, let’s revamp your bedroom to become the ultra-cosy, multi-functional space it deserves to be. Here we go!

When in Doubt, Create Storage

One of the pitfalls that many bedrooms fall into is that of storage. Disparate stand-alone units are used functionally, to store clothes and other bedside items. With little care put into these items of furniture, they can look, dull, drab and imposing – casting shadows across your room and reducing the perceived amount of space available to you. In short – they’re rubbish.

There are myriad interesting and unique ways you can incorporate storage into your bedroom space without encroaching on it; for example, you could create a wall of storage above your bed, giving you crucial floor space back and giving you an interesting place to store your clothes. This is especially useful for smaller, more awkwardly-sized bedrooms, and can give you back a tonne of autonomy in designing and arranging your room to your personal tastes – not just what your furniture commands.

Rugs and Throws

With a new-found freedom from the yoke of a cluttered bedroom, you can now pay attention to your floor. Where too much furniture can feel limiting, not much furniture can make your room feel cold, empty, and uninteresting – which is where the power of textiles comes into play. Judicious placement of rugs can add warmth and colour to your room, as well as a comfy place to put your feet after a long day. Likewise, throws can be used to bring splashes of intrigue to a space that is otherwise clothes, floor, and bedspread. Throws can also come in handy as a shawl or blanket – a godsend for staying comfy while sitting at your home office desk, which may well be in the same room.

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Lighting and Accessories

Any self-respecting multi-functional bedroom/workspace needs to be completely adaptable to one mode or the other – and either way, needs to be completely, utterly and unequivocally cosy. As such, your lighting choices for the room need to be on point. Overhead lighting is dead, even for working under. Lamps are everything: angle-poise lamps at your desk, floor standing lamps by your mirror for getting changed, bedside lamps for reading or simply curling up into a warm fuzzy ball. Having multiple sources of light can also serve to make your room feel bigger.

In terms of other accessories, these may simply be down to your taste. Houseplants are an absolute given, and hanging plants like devil’s ivy can be an excellent way to accentuate or feature a shelf in your room. Speaking of which, shelving above your desk can make your workspace feel more homely, and set it apart from your sleeping space.


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