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The Government State of Mexico (Edomex), Through the Mexiquense Council for Science and Technology (commissite) Release Call 2021 NS science scholarship what to offer the support Economic 10 thousand pesos.

Give up Through the state program called “Supporting outstanding students, professors and researchers in science and technology COMECYT-Edomex(abroad).

to receive it You will have to suggest a Symposium or workshop Hypothetical aimed at college students (with a for 5 hours).

It participates in projects focusing on any of the following areas: chemistry, agri-food, health, automobiles, development of new materials and plastic technologies, sustainable development, information technologies or social and human sciences.

What is more, You can get the scholarship up to three times In this call, but the training of students from different universities.

Registration is free and deadline to order Edomex Science Scholarship Is it October 15.

Inquiry Here Call for 2021 Edomex Science Scholarship (Photo:

This is the registration for Science Edomex Scholarship 2021

  1. Give Click next link
  2. log in NS Create an account.
  3. In the second case, you have to give Click
  4. Yasir The data As per order request. Read also and where appropriate do you agree The Privacy Notice. finally, Choose Option ‘Register an account’.
  5. Enter to your profile, Give Click “Add Request” And Choose The method in which you participate (student or teacher).
  6. sign in The Information What does the form ask of you?
  7. Upload your documents for the system.

The Results It will be announced in November 12.


  • He is citizen of subordinate State of Mexico.
  • He is Subscribe In some foreign institution Pursue full-time higher education.
  • official identification current and with photography.
  • Unique population registration code (CURP), If you don’t have it, click here to download it.
  • Federal taxpayer registration (RFC).
  • Address proof (Only if no identification is given to CURP or address).
  • paper from Application support and commitment of the beneficiary, Here You can download it.
  • Studies certificate This indicates a minimum average of 8.
  • summary of is yours Project in Spanish.

Documents must be in PDF format to be uploaded at the time of registration.

If you have questions or need more information about the Edomex Science Scholarship 2021, call 722319 00 10 or 800813 26 28, ext. 315 or 117.

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