Harry and Meghan Markle will not attend an event honoring Princess Diana

memory Princess Diana, Princess of Wales He is still present in his subjects and his memory is still honored by millions of his fans around the world. The proof of this is that, soon, on October 19, a party will be held to celebrate his life and work Lady DiIt was just announced that this event will not be attended Dukes of Sussex.

The Prince Harry And Meghan MarkleHis wife seems to have been kept away from the English royal family, as her youngest son Diana Spencer The big absent will be at the event to be held to thank the donors who made it possible, on the occasion of his 60th birthday, to erect a statue in honor of the ex-wife Prince Charles this summer.

It is worth noting that the unveiling of the statue praising the charitable work of Princess Diana caused an uproar, because on that occasion, Prince Harry crossed the Atlantic to meet his older brother William.

Diana’s two children joined forces to be present on July 1 at that special date in the gardens of Kensington Palace, where the sculptors were Ian Rank And Babe Morrison They built a Lady Di figurine, inspired by a 1993 Christmas postcard.

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Weeks ago, Prince Harry traveled to the UK for a funeral Philip’s principle, the Duke of Edinburgh, his grandfather, who died at the age of 99, less than a month after his grandson gave a revealing interview with Oprah WinfreyWhere he revealed some dark secrets of the royal family.

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Along with his older brother William, second in line to the UK throne, Harry honored his late grandfather and the fact that he also traveled for the unveiling of his mother’s statue mentioned above seems to indicate that Royal He got rid of difficult situations with his family and will return to more relevant activities, despite his residence in California, where his daughter was born Lilibet Diana.

Hence, surprisingly, Harry will not be present at the event to be given in honor of the donors who made his mother’s statue possible, as Prince William will lead the wand, along with Elton John, who was Diana’s closest celebrity, died on August 31, 1997.

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After leaving his royal commitments in 2020, Harry moved to the United States, the home country of his wife, Meghan Markle, to get away from the eyes of the media and the harassment of the English press. In his new life in America, the aristocrat gained great popularity, and on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of September 11, he went with his wife to New York to appear at various commemorative events.

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